Frequently Asked Buyer Questions:

When we ask most people how they feel about the process of buying a home, they say "stressful" or "confusing." We work really hard at trying to overcome that stigma! Below are some frequently asked questions from past buyers. Read through them and please ask us if you have any follow up questions! Don't forget, we offer free buyer counseling sessions, so if you are thinking about buying a home, contact us here so we can book some 1-on-1 time with you!

How do I know how much I can afford?

What you can afford and what you can qualify for are two very different things. In some cases what you can qualify for may not put you at where you are comfortable monthly. If you have any questions about what your price range is or what you can qualify for, contact Ira Hines at Movement Mortgage.  He can help you with all your mortgage questions.  

What is a home inspection?

A home inspection is something we always recommend! It is a thorough inspection of the home and includes everything from the electrical system to the plumbing system.  You should ALWAYS use a licensed Home Inspector who has the training to know what to look for.  They can get in the crawl space and in the attic and have the expertise to identify things that may be problems for you down the road. That being said, no home is perfect. But if the home inspector finds something during the inspection that is a major concern for you, then you have the opportunity to ask the seller to fix the problem or you may be released from the contract.  

How much should I offer?

Despite what some people think, deciding what to offer should be a strategic decision. It should be based on 3 things (all of which a good agent can help you with):  

  1. Statistical Analysis of Past Sales in Neighborhood - We can look up past sales in the neighborhood to tell you what houses are selling for in relation to their asking price.  We can also pull comparable sales for you to give you a good idea of what the property would appraise for.  These things will both help prepare your offer and give it some credibilty.  
  2. Seller Motivation - We can look up how long it's been on the market, sale history and a few other things to identify how motivated the seller might be.  If a property JUST hit the market, the chances of a seller taking a low ball offer is slim.  But if they've been trying to sell for a long time, then maybe they are ready to take that low offer.
  3. Buyer Motivation - Your situation and timeframe plays a big part of your offer strategy.  If you've been house hunting for a while and one comes on the market that you really like, I'd say your offer should be competative and appealing to the seller.  If you don't love the house but could live there with some TLC, then maybe you wouldn't offer full asking price (unless their asking price is a steal of a deal in the first place).
How long does it take to find a home?

Every buyer is different! We've had some buyers who have picked a house on the first house hunting trip, and we've had some clients who take a little bit longer. The key is to decide your "make or break" items but allow the rest to be a little flexible. There is no such thing as a perfect home! Nearly 100% of the time every home will need a little TLC and a touch of your personal style to make it the home of your dreams!  

When can we move in?

Technically speaking you are allowed to take possession when the deed is recorded at the court house. In our market, the common possession date is once the closing documents are signed. Each home is different so we’ll help coordinate your exact move-in date and time as you get closer to the closing table!